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Whilst the daytime skiing on Jahorina is exhilarating, many people choose to travel with us specifically because Bosnia is unique and exciting with lots of options to explore the capital and surrounding attractions.

We have put together more excursion options for those interested in more sightseeing in this endlessly fascinating country!

Sarajevo war tunnel

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Sarajevo City Walking Tour

Almost everyone who goes on a Ski Sarajevo trip spends at least one day or night in Bosnia’s enthralling capital city, which is only 45 mins from her Olympic Mountains. Go with our local guide on a route that covers a timeline from the old Turkish quarter of town, through western Austro-Hungarian architecture and to the modern European city which was under the siege for 1,425 days in the 90s war. Be amazed by commentary and stories that bring the city to life as your guide points out gems you might have otherwise missed. Discover why Lonely Planet rated Sarajevo as one of the top ten cities to visit in the world!

Prices and details

20 Euros per person if staying min. 1 night in Sarajevo City (no transfer needed). Min 3 people.

– Local guide

– Tour of main sights of Sarajevo and overview of 90s siege.

Walking tour lasts about 2.5 hours.

Minimum 3 people.

No entrances included on tour but museums / sites can be paid for and entered during free time after tour.


Sarajevo War Tunnel Tour

During the early 1990s, Sarajevo was subjected to one of the worst sieges in modern history, lasting 1,425 days. As the trapped citizens were under daily bombardment and sniper fire, a secret project was underway near the airport as the defenders dug a relief tunnel to be used to move people, weapons and provisions. Its construction and secret location in a local’s house has become the stuff of legend and no visit to Sarajevo is complete without a tour of the War Tunnel Museum.

Prices and details

22 Euros per person, which includes:

– Local guide and transfers

– Tour of Museum and guide commentary

Tour lasts approx 2.5 hours including transfers

Minimum 2 people. Entrance to Museum is extra (around 10 Marks / 5 Euros).


Sarajevo City and War Tunnel Combo Tour

This is a popular, whole-day combo tour that involves doing the City walking tour in the morning, and the Tunnel Tour in the afternoon (or vice versa depending on your itinerary)

Prices and details

40 Euros per person includes:

– Local guide

– Entrance to War Tunnel Museum

– Tour of Museum and guide commentary

– Transfers

Minimum 2 people. Lunch in Sarajevo City not included (this is a natural break between the 2 parts of the tour).

For all excursions Ski Sarajevo acts as a pre-booking agent and not as the principal operator and as such these excursions do not form part of your original reservation with Ski Sarajevo or Go Adventures Ltd.
Local operators have individual booking conditions and Ski Sarajevo cannot accept any liability for the services provided. 

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