Ski Sarajevo

Olympic mountains, city and airport all in close proximity

To ensure you are spending most of your time either on the slopes or enjoying Bosnia’s capital, the last thing you want to do is spend hours in transfer vehicles getting between the destinations.
No other wintersports country in the world can offer these transfer speeds:
Mountains to city = 45 mins
Airport to city = 30 mins
Airport to mountains = 55 mins

The best city and snow combination!

Sure, some other ski resorts are close to a city. But none of them have an Olympic ski resort next to a culture-rich CAPITAL city (like Sarajevo!).

And of course, some other ski resorts are close to an international airport. But none of them are close to a capital city AND an international airport (like Sarajevo!).

Check out the map below to see exactly how connected Sarajevo International airport, Sarajevo Old Town and the main Olympic resort of Jahorina are:


We focus our trips around Jahorina, the most-developed mountain resort in Bosnia. It has the most km of alpine slopes (46 km), the best lift network (3 x 6-seaters, 1 gondola, 1 x 2-seater and 3 x button/anchor lifts) and the biggest selection of accommodation types (chalets, chalet apartments, apartments, 3-star and 4-star hotels). Plus, the slopes
It also suits couples, groups and families, as it features a number of decent bars, music venues and family-friendly play areas, kindergartens, sledge areas, playgrounds and treadmill slopes for beginners.


It is tough to beat Sarajevo as far as history and culture go. Not only have so many historical events taken place there, such as the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand (triggering the First World War) and the siege of the city in the 90s, but it is home to cultural facts that take most visitors by surprise. Here are a few for starters:

– Known as the “Jerusalem of the Balkans”, Sarajevo is the only city with a Catholic cathedral, central Mosque, Serbian Orthodox cathedral and a synagogue all in the same neighbourhood.
– Sarajevo’s National Museum is home to one of the oldest and most precious Jewish manuscripts (an illustrated text of the Passover) in the world: the Sarajevo Haggadah.
– Sarajevo is the only city in the world where the oldest mosque boasts the main city brewery as its neighbour!
– The old Jewish Cemetery in Sarajevo is the second largest Jewish sepulchral complex in Europe.
– the Austro-Hungarians used Sarajevo as a pioneer city for its tram production. This means Sarajevo became one of the first cities in Europe to have a tram network – still a major feature of the city today.


Finally, there are so many extra activities and excursions to do around the resort and the city, you are spoilt for choice. Choose from:
– A spa/massage experience on the mountain at one of the 4-star hotels (bookable locally).
– Night-skiing. Most nights, the main slopes are lit up for night-skiing in the evenings. A must-do (bookable locally).
– A walking tour of Sarajevo with a local guide (bookable through us).
– The Tunnel Tour. During the 90s siege, a secret relief tunnel was dug under Sarajevo airport to be used to move people, weapons and provisions. Its construction and secret location in a local’s house has become the stuff of legend. No visit to Sarajevo is complete without doing this tour (bookable through us).

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