There are many different factors that come into play when deciding where to swap your hard earned money for a few days of skiing, snowboarding or face planting.


Ultimately how much you are willing, or are able to spend will determine where you hit the slopes this season. We are all after a bargain, but don’t substitute quality and safety for a few pounds – you’ll regret it every single day! If booking with a tour operator, be sure to find one with as many inclusions in the overall price as possible, such as food, accommodation, ski passes and transport to and from the ski fields.


Picking a resort that reflects your personality and interests is crucial for any holiday. If you're under 35, chances are you don't want to be wrapped up in bed (alone) with a hot chocolate at 7pm, and the more mature travellers probably have no desire to be throwing back flaming tequilas until 4am either.

Do your research and find a resort and tour group which caters to your needs. You'll meet more like-minded skiers and generally have a more pleasant holiday.

Location and accommodation

Selecting the most suitable resort is a vital element of a successful ski trip. Again, your budget will determine your accommodation arrangements; however, this doesn’t mean that if you’re on a budget, that you need to compromise on quality or location.

Ensure that the resort is easily accessible from your home location and that flights to and from and a reasonable price. Remember to book well in advance to secure the best prices too! It’s also highly recommended to pick a resort that is within close proximity to the ski fields and chair lifts. There’s nothing worse than having to hike it home for an hour on a bus after a full day on your feet.

Mountain terrain is an important factor. You’ll need to determine your skiing ability and ensure that the resort you’re intending on visiting is suitable.

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